Site Protocols


Entering the Facility

  • The EBSA Campers will use the entrance at the front of the Sportplex.
  • No parents accepted inside of the gym at any time;
  • Campers must be dropped off in the lobby by the check-in desk at the right of the Sportplex entrance;
  • Everyone has to wear a mask at all times in the building, exception of the court during practice or game for campers and staff;
  • There are two bathrooms reserved for the EBSA camp. Only EBSA campers will be allowed to use those bathrooms.
  • One staff member will take attendance and ask the Covid-19 Declaration questions upon entering the building;
  • Campers must have their own ball, lunch, water bottle(s).
  • Water fountains will only be used to fill water bottles. Drinking directly from the fountains is prohibited.
  • Everyone has to sanitize their hands at the entrance to the gyms;

During basketball activities

  • ONLY EBSA staff and campers will be allowed to enter the gym. (Sportplex staff will also be allowed)
  • The use of locker rooms will not be permitted. Campers must arrive already changed and ready to participate, they will not be allowed to change on site.
  • The storage Garage will be permitted only for Sportplex and EBSA staff only. Each staff member will must have on a mask and sanitize their hands upon garage entry and upon leaving the garage;
  • Hand Sanitizers will be place on a table at midcourt of the gyms;
  • Coaches and campers must sanitize their hands often during activities (before and after touching team balls, after using their towel, when their hands are full of sweat, etc.). The more they do it, the better;
  • Coaches must sanitize the shared balls after using them;
  • All material used by multiple people must be sanitized after their use (other than personal material).

Leaving the Facility

  • Campers must sanitize their hands before leaving the gym
  • Campers must be signed out by a parent prior to leaving the gym.
  • Before leaving the gym they must sanitize their hands and wipe down their ball,

Specifics for Camp Activities

  • All the rules above have to be respected;
  • Camp Staff must wipe down all areas before the start of camp activities and after all camp activities end.
  • Camp Staff will be able to keep their belongs in the EBSA office. Only EBSA Staff is allowed in the office.

An EBSA Staff Member must ensure that all campers have been signed out and accounted for before leaving for the day.