Elite Basketball Skills Academy (EBSA) is a company that provides various services throughout the sport of basketball; such as, tournaments, leagues, camps, clinics, showcases. EBSA’s events are aimed to attract players and teams across Canada and the United States. Our events allow teams and players to showcase their abilities in a competitive environment, exposing them to the highest level of basketball competition.

Elite Basketball Skills Academy (EBSA) provides players with the tools to elevate their game and to become exceptional athletes.  EBSA offers basketball players the complete solution to developing their game, specializing in small group, and team basketball skill development.

Our mission is to encourage the increase productivity of the sports of basketball in every community and to assist in achieving overall development on, and off, the basketball court.  To make this possible, Elite Basketball Skills Academy provides functional basketball skill development and training that focuses on various facets of the game.  Our services are based on sports performance training designed to improve strength, conditioning, power, flexibility, speed, and agility. Through these multiple methods of training, the players will develop a versatility that enables them to not only pass, dribble, and shoot but also run faster, jump higher, and last longer than other basketball players. Ultimately, this will allow the players to truly elevate their game.

Basketball has now evolved past being a ‘part-time’ sport. With Basketball’s continued rise in popularity at both the local and global levels, the competition is only getting more intense. At EBSA, each player will be given fundamentals and confidence to stay ahead of the competition.

Elevate your game. Become ELITE.